Website Image and Photo Dimensions

When uploading an image to the site, having the right dimensions is important to ensure the image is being cropped properly. Throughout the site, there are suggested photo dimensions wherever you can upload an image. 

Below are the suggested dimensions for each area on the site, all dimensions are in pixels:

Front Page Scrolling Banners: 1140px wide x 350px high
How to edit Front Page Scrolling Banners

Full-Width Static Page Banners (including Front Page): 1500px wide by 784px high.
Note: all banner images by default will be centred vertically and horizontallyHow to edit the Full Width Static Banner

Note: Since our sites are mobile-friendly and responsive this image will change shape when you view the website on iPhones, Androids and Tablets. We suggest using a generic image that will look good regardless of how it is resized.

Front Page Image Link Driver: 600px wide x 600px high
How to Edit a Driver

Ministries, News, Events, Blog, Sermons: 1500px wide x 784px high
Note: suggested dimensions can be found throughout the site in the same spot you see the option to upload an image.

User/Staff Members: 240px wide x 360px high

Legacy features

Page Banner: 1140px wide x 201px high

Note: If you need to convert these dimensions into inches, the resolution is 96 pixels per inch. Please note that pixels don't always convert seamlessly to inches. Note: All images should be 5MB or less. 

Click here to see more info on creating graphics.