How to Link to Another Page, Website or Email Address

1. Login2. Visit the page you will be linking to. Highlight the URL, found in the location bar of the browser and copy it onto your clipboard. For example, let's pretend I want to create a link that takes the visitor to

Note: if you are linking to a page within the site, you only need to grab everything after the .com, .ca, .org etc.
For example, if you wanted to link to the Children's Ministry in the screenshot below, you would just need to grab the /ministries/childrens-ministry and the site will know exactly where to direct you. 

3. Next, go to the page you want to add the link. 

4. Within the next editor, highlight the text you'd like to link (ie: read more, click here, etc). 

5. Next, click the 'Insert/edit link' button found in the text editor toolbar.

5. A dialog box will appear. Paste or type in the link (ie. into the Link URL (the title field can be left blank) and then click "OK".

Note: To link to an email address, type the following format into the Link URL field: mailto:[email protected]

6. Finally, press "Save Text" on the page.