How to Edit SEO

SEO settings can be updated on all pages of your website.

  1. Login
  2. On any page of your website, click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top l   eft    side of the page. Select 'Page SEO Settings'
  3. Update SEO Settings: Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description
  4. Click 'Save SEO Settings'

Get Your Page Titles Working For You

Page titles is a short description of a webpage and it also appears at the top of a browser window. A page title should also include the page's keyword in the title.

It's very important that each of your pages have original and unique title tags. Duplicate title tags can make it more complicated to rank content in search results because search engine crawlers won't know which post to rank above the other. If you want to rank your pages without confusion or without having them compete with one another, creating unique and relevant title tags is incredibly important.

Go through your pages and make sure that all of the title tags are unique and that you don't have any duplicate title tags.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are an HTML attribute providing a brief summary of the webpage. Google will often times display the meta description.

Meta descriptions are the small blurbs you see in search results under the page titles. These give a quick description of what the content on the page is about. These descriptions help both the people searching and the search engine crawlers understand what to expect on each page.

Avoiding duplicate meta descriptions is important as it ensures visitors will be accessing unique information. Having duplicate meta descriptions can make the ranking process more difficult as engine crawlers will have a hard time figuring out the differences between pages and what should rank and what shouldn't.

Make sure that every page you post on your website has a meta description that is both relevant to the content on the page and one of a kind. 

How Can You Improve Your SEO?

We're really excited to see how well Deploy's websites rank for many of the terms you would want to appear for. We did a lot of work upfront so that you wouldn't need to worry about SEO too much down the line.

That being said, if there are any specific terms that you'd like to appear for, the very best technique is to create content that uses those words. For example, if you wanted to appear for "Chiropractic Care In Abbotsford, BC" then you need to make a page that says those words. You need to talk about your chiropractic company, write news with updates on it, and add upcoming events associated with it.

The idea with Google ranking is that they want to provide the most useful possible content to the person searching. In order to rank high in a Google search, you need to create a website so that Google determines there is no better website on the internet that they would rather take the searcher to.

Below are some other tips to increase traffic to your website: 

  • Updating the content with new information on a weekly basis. Fresh content will help the site rank better with Google.
  • Using the website address in all materials (ie. emails, newsletter, posters, etc.) to encourage people to visit the website for more information. More visitors to the website increase your Google ranking.
  • Creating a Facebook Page for your practice has been one of the most successful tools for practices to drive traffic to their website. Encouraging members and staff to post weekly updates on Facebook will help drive members and visitors back to the website. Again, more visitors to the website will help increase your Google ranking.