Embed A Form Or Widget Using Source Code

If the website's contact form doesn't meet the specific needs of your business, you also have the option of embedding a third party form on your site.

On your website, you can embed a form, YouTube/Vimeo video, widget, Google calendar or other sort of code onto a number of different pages. 

Once you have the code for either your form or other widget from your external source (ie. Eventbrite, PayPal, Wufoo Forms etc), you can embed this code onto a page by editing the page and clicking the 'Source code' button in the text editor. 

From here, you can choose where you want to embed this code on the page, and paste it in. In the example below, you can see that a YouTube embed code has been pasted in the source code area. 

Once it has been pasted in, click 'OK' and then save your page to see the changes. 

When you are given a widget or snippet of "code" from an external source (ie. Eventbrite, PayPal, etc) you can paste this on to the page you want by clicking the Source Code button in the text editor.